the beginning
It was love at first sight… for Kent, that is. Even though Ashleigh wasn’t remotely interested in Kent, there was one common bond they shared – cameras. Kent had been casually photographing and filming for several years, and Ashleigh would occasionally ask Kent about different camera settings. It was a geeky beginning – but a beginning nevertheless.

long drives to weddings
As time passed, Kent needed an assistant for a wedding and reached out to Ashleigh. Ashleigh surpassed all of Kent’s expectations, and Kent continued to reach out to Ashleigh whenever he could. Thankfully for Kent, this led to long drives to various venues in and out of state. It was these long drives that carved out time to just talk about life and the things that were on their hearts. To this day, long drives and adventures are one of their favorite places to simply decompress together.

After several months of their deepening friendship, Kent finally worked up the courage to ask Ashleigh if she would consider being his girlfriend. He was a nervous mess, and she saw it coming a mile away. After making a fool of himself, Ashleigh revealed that she liked someone else anyway and that she would “be praying about it” – which is the Christian girl way of saying “Thanks, but no thanks,” and depending on the girl it can also mean, “You are a freak, please get away from me.”

a miracle of god
However, Ashleigh actually did pray about it – and during a month long missions trip to El Salvador she found that she actually really liked Kent as well. They began dating several months later in December, they were engaged six months later in June, and they were husband and wife four months later in October. In October of 2012, neither Kent nor Ashleigh had any idea that in only 12 months they would be married. To Kent this was radical, tangible proof that God does indeed exist and is still in the business of working miracles… because let’s face it, Ashleigh is way out of his league.

their hope for you
And to this day it is through their marriage, and business, that they have both experienced The Lord move impossible mountains, reveal His power, and shape them both into the image of Jesus. It is this hope that they carry for each marriage they are honored to document – that marriage is an amazing tool in the hand of God. Weddings will always hold a special place in their hearts, and they earnestly hope that they are privileged to be a part of telling your own unique story.